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William Boy’s “Trio”

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Boyd has written nearly a score of novels, plus three plays and screenplays, and he’s produced five collections of stories telling us what people are actually like. In Trio, his 16th novel, Boyd reveals the inner workings of human beings—well, actors, producers, directors, and writers, anyway—in an intriguing story about showbiz folks that soon involves British Special Branch, the American FBI, and possibly the CIA. Told, of course, in three parts, Trio, is prefaced with two epigraphs, one of which is an excerpt from an Anton Chekhov short story: “Most people live their real, most interesting life under the cover of secrecy.”

You can read my review of William Boyd’s novel Trio in The Brooklyn Rail by clicking the image below.


You can buy William Boyd’s novel Trio at Barnes & Noble.


Written by Joe Peschel

March 12th, 2021 at 4:06 pm