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I Review A. S. Byatt’s “Peacock & Vine”

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Byatt admits that when she began the essay she was more familiar with the Englishman Morris, whose art decorates her own home, than she was with Fortuny. She does, however, delight in Fortuny’s being the only living painter that Proust mentions in “À la recherche du temps perdu.” So, she uses Morris to help her understand the Spanish-born Fortuny and Fortuny to re-imagine Morris.

You can read my review of Peacock & Vine, by A. S. Byatt, in the Sunday, August 21, edition of the News & Observer, by clicking the image below.

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You can buy Byatt’s ’s Peacock & Vine at Barnes and Noble.

Written by Joe Peschel

August 19th, 2016 at 11:44 am

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