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I Review Jonathan Lethem’s “Gambler’s Anatomy.”

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Bruno’s an American expatriate who hasn’t been home for more than 30 years. When we first see him in Germany, he’s wearing a tuxedo and looks like James Bond, the Roger Moore version. He’s trying to recoup his Singapore losses and on his way to fillet a few thousand euros from a rich fish, the backgammon enthusiast Wolf-Dirk Köhler, who may indeed be rich enough to be considered a whale. Or, it may be that’s he’s not rich and not even Köhler. Along the way to Köhler’s estate, Bruno runs into a German woman named Madchen whom he tries to pick up as his good-luck charm.

You can read my review of Jonathan Lethem’s Gambler’s Anatomy in the Sunday, October 16, edition of the Houston Chronicle, by clicking the image below.

You can buy Jonathan Lethem’s Gambler’s Anatomy at Barnes and Noble.

Written by Joe Peschel

October 15th, 2016 at 1:36 pm