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Ten Tales of Dubliners: “Life Without Children,” by Roddy Doyle

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The Dubliner Roddy Doyle often depicts the lives of ordinary working-class Irishmen who enjoy drinking a pint—or two, or more—in his stories. In his last novel, Love, two old friends traded stories and memories over several drinks in the pubs of Dublin. But Doyle, who won the Booker Prize in 1993 for his novel Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, is a serious bloke whose Love was really about love and friendship, as well as the love of drink.

You can read my review of Roddy Doyle’s Life Without Children in America magazine by clicking the image below.

You can buy Roddy Doyle’s Life Without Children, at Barnes & Noble.

Written by Joe Peschel

July 1st, 2022 at 12:14 pm